Tec-Rope Skipping Rope




This revolutionary skipping rope design features allow split-second adjustment in length and it wont kink.The Tec-rope holds a perfect arc under foot and this means you skip better!! These features make it ideal for use by individuals, gyms & personal trainers.

Tec-Rope features:

 » 'Instant' adjustability.  » Kink free long lasting rope.  » Advanced composite materials.  » Ergonomic handle.  » Liquid smooth action.  » Perfect length = less drag.  » Unique patented design.  » Proudly made in Australia. 

We at KICKASS Active absolutely love the potential this skipping rope has. With its rubber core and tough nylon exterior, you can expect an incredible lifespan out of this rope. But most importantly it can suit a huge range of different users, making PT sessions easier to manage without needing to buy multiple ropes and have them cut to different lengths. Simply adjust the size of the rope by pulling on the material loop and you're ready to go. 




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