The Skin Strong line of anti-chafe products was created by a group of athletes and a physician who were frustrated by the lack of high performance skin care products for athletes. Skin Strong supply anti-chafing and blister cream, dust and spray. Image what you could do, if you could get your body out the way.

  • Skin Strong Silk Dust QUICK VIEW Skin Strong Silk Dust $21.99,

    Skin Strong Silk Dust


    KICKASS Active love SLIK DUST because it prevents hot spots and blisters. Squeeze this moisture wicking powder into socks or shoes to reduce friction, hot spots and blisters. DUST is non-staining & non-greasy...
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  • Skin Strong SLIK Anti Chafing Spray QUICK VIEW Skin Strong SLIK Anti Chafing Spray from $9.99,

    Skin Strong SLIK Anti Chafing Spray


    We love SLIK Anti-Friction and Anti-Chafe Spray because its a convenient, non-greasy & non-staining spray formula. Helps prevent runner's rub on feet, thighs, under arms & under sports bras. Spray...
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  • Skin Strong SLATHER QUICK VIEW Skin Strong SLATHER Out of stock

    Skin Strong SLATHER


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    Long lasting chamois cream for unbeatable protection against chafing and hot spots. With anti-fungal tea tree oil, SLATHER is great for the saddle area & feet. Subtle cooling formula is...
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